350 Action Climate Leaders Fellowship: 2019

2020 could be the most important election of our lives.

The 2020 elections are going to have enormous consequences for our communities and the climate.

That’s why we’re getting ready to organize like our lives depend on it to defeat climate deniers, elect progressive climate champions, and build grassroots power.

This summer, 350 Action is launching the first cohort of the 350 Action Climate Leaders Fellowship: a 6-month-long, full-time, paid opportunity from June through December 2019.

Fellows will be organizing in partnership with local community groups in Arizona, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York, and Texas building the movement for climate justice, registering voters, and pushing candidates to strengthen their commitments to bold, just climate action and building a future where all of us can thrive.

The application deadline for the 2019 Climate Leaders Fellowship cohort is May 31.

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Here’s the kind of work fellows will be doing in 2019:

  • Registering voters, especially young folks and people of color, in communities whose voices are too often ignored or disenfranchised in the political process
  • Bird-dogging candidates on the campaign trail to get them to make firm commitments to make firm commitments on our 2020 Climate Test.
  • Leading creative actions to keep climate change and climate justice at the forefront of the 2020 narrative
  • Training volunteers and building deep local power that will last for the long term — not just this election cycle.
  • Sharing stories from the field – whether it’s producing videos of bird dog actions, writing a blog about climate impacts in their states, or speaking to press about the importance of this election for our climate and our lives.

Here are the kind of people we’re looking for:  

If you have a passion for justice, equity and climate action. If you are ready to speak truth to power and confront the politicians vying for federal office. If you believe that when we fight, we win and are ready to move the needle on climate in this election season, the Climate Leaders Fellowship is for you. We’re looking for applicant who have…

  • A commitment to justice, equity, and climate action
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, and comfort working independently
  • Some experience organizing or volunteering on a campaign (does not have to be a lot!)
  • Access to a car and a valid driver’s license are preferred for AZ, NH, NV, and TX
  • Fluency in Spanish and English is preferred across the program – particularly in AZ, NV, and TX.
Photo: Eman Mohammed

Does this sound like you? We can’t wait to see your application!

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Fellowship FAQ

How many hours will I be working?

We’re expecting fellows to work 40 hours per week, at a pay rate of at least $15/hour, adjusted by location.

What are the dates of the fellowship program?

The fellowship will begin in the last week of June with a week-long training and end at the end of 2019. For some locations, there will be potential to continue organizing as a fellow into the second phase of the fellowship in 2020.

What will I be working on?

In each location, 350 Action is partnering with a local organization to develop a work plan for fellows. This means you’ll spend roughly half your time planning electoral actions, birddogs, voter registration drives, and climate mobilizations. With the other half your time, you’ll be supporting local campaigns and helping build lasting organizing infrastructure in your state.

Who will I be working with? How will I be supported?

The 350 Action Climate Leaders Fellowship will begin with a full week of training from June 24-28 in Maryland with all the fellows in the program.

At the training, you’ll brush up on your organizing, event-planning, and campaigning skills. Following the in-person training, you’ll receive a digital training session once every two weeks with the full fellows team.

In each state, we have a different community partner who will manage you day-to-day. In addition to your local management, a member of the 350 Action team will check in with you regularly to discuss political opportunities and provide coaching. Your time will be split between campaigns for local initiatives led by your partner organization, and national organizing on the Green New Deal or 2020 elections with 350 Action. Some of the confirmed state partners we’ll be working with are…

  • NH: In New Hampshire, fellows will be working with 350 NH, our state affiliate, to fight back against local fossil fuel infrastructure projects like the Granite Bridge Pipeline.
  • NY: In New York, fellows will be working alongside our own 350  NY team to build support for the NY Green New Deal and to fight back against the Williams Pipeline.
What kind of experience are you looking for in applicants?

We believe the fellowship class will include a spectrum of skills and experience, from passionate new organizers to campaigners with a few years of organizing under their belts. The most important thing is a commitment to the vision and values of the program and a willingness to learn and try new things.

We do expect fellows to take on a variety of projects, from the exciting work of confronting presidential hopefuls, to creative storytelling, to important organizing and administrative tasks. We ask that fellows enter into their partnerships with energy, creativity and humility.

When do applications close?

Applications close May 31, 2019. So if you’re interested, don’t wait — apply for the fellowship today.

Ready to organize like the future depends on it? Apply for the 350 Action Climate Leaders Fellowship before May 31.

Apply for the fellowship today