September 27, 2016

350 Action Responds to First Presidential Debate


September 26, 2016

Contact: Jamie Henn, 350 Action,, 415-890-3350

350 Action Responds to First Presidential Debate

Hofstra, NY — Climate change made an early appearance in tonight’s presidential debate. 350 Action director May Boeve issued the following reaction to Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump’s back-and-forth on the issue:

“Climate change took its rightful place as an important campaign issue during this debate thanks to Secretary Clinton. She made a strong push for climate action, while Trump tried to dodge his previous statements about global warming being a hoax created by the Chinese. Clinton knows that climate is a winning issue that can turn out voters this November, and a key to jobs and prosperity in the years to come.

Clinton is proposing climate action, while Trump is just talking climate crazy. Climate denial is not a viable political position for any candidate trying to win a national election.”