Trumpcare failed because thousands of people across the country flooded phone lines, organized rallies, and poured into town halls to demand that politicians reject this disastrous plan. Thank you to everyone who took part.

But Trump and the GOP’s war on our health isn’t over. They’ll almost surely try to ram through yet another Trumpcare proposal at the same time that they’re rolling back regulations on fossil fuel pollution.

Climate change is also a healthcare crisis. Heat waves, spreading diseases and air pollution caused by fossil fuels make people sick, and Trumpcare would end healthcare access for millions of people. It’s all about survival – who lives and who dies.

That’s why we’re partnering with our friends at MoveOn to make some noise at members of Congress’s townhalls across the country this August.

Opposition at representatives’ district offices works. We’re at a critical juncture to show politicians that we will say no to every Trumpcare proposal the GOP tries and yes to strong climate action.

Can you help us send a message to Congress about Trumpcare and climate? Go here to organize an event in your community – or here to find an event near you.

The GOP tried to rush to roll back Obamacare so they could move on to the rest of their deadly agenda. If we keep the pressure on by showing up in big numbers and linking arms with everyone in the healthcare fight, we can put the brakes on their entire plan. We can also set the stage for bigger wins in our districts by showing that the climate movement isn’t going anywhere.

Every representative who pushed disastrous healthcare and energy legislation is hoping that no one notices they’re back home this August. Fortunately, a lot of folks are dead set on opposing every Trumpcare proposal and this administration’s fossil fuel agenda.

We need all of our representatives do the same – and that means making sure they know there are folks mobilized in their district who expect them to reject Trumpcare and protect our climate by stopping fossil fuels and building renewable energy.

Let’s show Congress that we say no to Trumpcare now and forever, and yes to climate action. Get started here to organize people in your communityor here to find an event near you.