With more than a dozen candidates now lined up to challenge Donald Trump next November, the 2020 presidential election is already well underway. Election Day may not be for a year and a half, but here’s the thing: these early months of the election cycle are some of the most important.

As the candidates compete to lead the pack, they’re paying close attention to what people across the country want. That means right now is our best chance to send the presidential hopefuls a clear message: our next President needs to be a real climate leader.

That’s why we’re excited to share a new tool 350 Action is launching today: the 2020 Climate Test. 

It’s a scorecard for tracking where all the candidates stand on climate justice — and a tool for you to take action by calling on them to step up. Check it out for yourself here.

The 2020 Climate Test

To be clear: no one is getting an A on this climate test just for admitting that the climate crisis is real. We’re way past debating the science — it’s been clear for decades. The clock is ticking. We need action.

When we talk about “real climate leadership,” we’re grading the candidates on these 3 questions:

  • The Green New Deal: Have they voted for or publicly supported the Green New Deal resolutions introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey?
  • The Keep it in the Ground Test: Have they taken actions to keep fossil fuels in the ground by opposing new coal, oil, and gas projects?
  • The No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge: Have they signed the pledge to refuse money from oil, coal, and gas corporations?

Check out the scorecard here to see how every presidential hopeful scores on the 2020 Climate Test — and use it to call on them to commit to the climate solutions science and justice demand.

Poll after poll has shown that bold climate action that strengthens our economy and communities is widely popular with folks across the country.

Trump, Mitch McConnell, and their oily allies are fighting tooth and nail to undermine the Green New Deal and protect their fossil fuel billionaire donors. But their days are numbered. This movement is only going to keep getting stronger — through 2020, and beyond.

Our next President needs to be a real climate leader, and we’re keeping score. Check out (and share) the scorecard here — and get ready to take action.

One more thing: we also just released a new video that explains what this scorecard is about, why it’s important, and how to take action. Can you help build buzz (and put candidates on notice) by watching and sharing the video here?