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July 21, 2024

350 Action Responds to President Biden Dropping Out of U.S. Presidential Race

Rehoboth Beach, DEOn Sunday, July 21st, President Biden announced that he would not accept the Democratic nomination and was dropping out of the 2024 presidential election. Biden endorsed Vice President Harris to be the new Democratic nominee.

Jeff Ordower of 350 Action responded:

“We know how high the stakes are in this election, for the climate and for humanity. So we thank President Biden for stepping aside to make way for someone who can see this through. We need to see the final months of the Biden administration do everything in their power to push Congress to make the LNG pause permanent and declare a climate emergency. 

A Trump presidency, and the future clearly laid out in Project 2025, would be undeniably and catastrophically dangerous. Despite what Trump wants us to believe, we absolutely still have the chance to prevent that. 

Vice President Harris has a history of standing up to Big Oil: as attorney general of California, she sued multiple major oil and gas companies for pollution. She has supported a Green New Deal, and she has talked about the role utilities play in exacerbating human suffering due to the climate crisis. When we send environmental experts to the White House, she will let them in, while Trump will leave them at the door.

Our movement has never relied on a single candidate. We know that the just world we seek is ours to build, and elections play one of the important roles in protecting our chance to build it. So we will hold everyone who is elected to public office accountable and push them towards climate justice as we always have. But that will be exponentially more difficult if Trump is elected.

Our work isn’t only about winning elections — this is about building an unstoppable movement, up and down the ballot and across the world, with the political power we need to win the future that science and justice demand, before we run out of time.”

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