April 8, 2020

350 Action Responds to Sanders Suspension of His Campaign, Urges Vice President Biden to Move Forward as a Climate Champion

(Washington D.C.) Today, Senator Bernie Sanders suspended his Presidential campaign, stating that his team does not see a feasible path to victory and he could not in good conscience continue a campaign in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

May Boeve, 350 Action executive director, made the following statement:

“Bernie Sanders has consistently championed a bold vision of climate justice informed by those on the frontlines of this crisis. Now more than ever, we need Joe Biden to advocate for a similarly ambitious climate plan if we’re going to curb disastrous impacts and build a livable world for all. Voters concerned about people and the planet want a president who is willing to stand up to polluting fossil fuel companies, invest in green jobs and community resilience, and fight for a just transition to a renewable energy economy.

“We can’t afford four more years of inaction and rollbacks that benefits the wealthiest companies in the world and leads us further down the path toward climate chaos. It’s time for Biden to heed the science, listen to impacted communities, and develop a plan on par with the scale of the climate crisis.” 

Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, 350 Action North America Director, said: 

“We thank Senator Sanders for his game-changing contributions to political discourse. Over a lifetime the Senator has fought for what is possible and challenged what the country should strive for. As a strong advocate for climate and a partner on environmental justice, Sanders’  forward-thinking plans matched the scale of the climate crisis and pushed the status quo for urgent transformation. We urge Vice President Biden to take up the blueprint that proven climate champions, Sanders and Warren, provided.

“To Vice President Biden, we say: Now is the time to be a gutsy climate champion! We call for Presidential leadership that prioritizes ambitious plans to drastically reduce carbon emissions by more than half to meet critical climate goals. We demand leadership and vision that rapidly transitions our energy sources by 2030, and in the process create millions of new jobs for workers in a renewable energy economy. We are calling for a political power shift that uplifts people and sets the most ambitious path to climate justice for all.

“A livable future requires a total transformation of our economy and culture. It’s up to Vice President Biden to take up this mantle to remain relevant. We will work to hold him to these standards. Our demand for the end of fossil fuels will not change as the race continues. In the contest for the highest office, we must ensure that our leadership commits to making a meaningful impact in the climate decade.”


Press Contact: Thanu Yakupitiyage, thanu@350action.org