August 20, 2020

350 Action Responds to Third Day of Democratic National Convention

Washington, DC — The third night of the Democratic National Convention commenced with an extensive segment on Biden’s climate plans, featuring youth climate activists speaking about the threat of the climate crisis faced by communities today and future generations.  Tonight, Kamala Harris also accepted the Vice Presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention. Harris echoed messages of unity and urgency delivered by preceding speakers during the Convention. 

350 Action North America Director Tamara Toles O’Laughlin gave the following response:

“The third night of the convention signaled the importance of tackling climate change, yet we aren’t seeing that commitment reflected in the Democratic Party’s platform. We urge the DNC to reinstate relevant language on fossil fuel subsidies into their platform as a necessary and logical alignment with the positions of their nominees.

“With 75 days to go before the election, our work doesn’t end when the votes are counted . We will hold our elected officials accountable to respond to the scale of the climate crisis, and COVID-19 for a justice-centered recovery on behalf of all impacted communities.

“Thanks to the work of our movement, Harris and Biden have the strongest climate platform of any presidential ticket in history. To remain relevant, the entire Democratic party must be behind them. Each pillar of the nominees climate plans represent hard won battles for real solutions and we are watching to ensure they adhere to the demands of science and justice. We are not here for the spectacle, and will demand climate action on day one of the Presidency.

“Climate action in the next administration must secure a just recovery and ensure longer term support for the millions made vulnerable by pollution, racism, COVID-19 and the climate crisis. We will continue to advocate for the implementation of a Green New Deal that prioritizes Black, Indigenous and communities of color with jobs, renewable infrastructure, and investments in health care. 

“As we honor tonight’s moment of well earned support for Kamala Harris, we will continue to hold her to her promises on fossil fuel accountability when she is a key member of the executive branch. We also proceed with cautious optimism as Harris  proves her support for the movement for Black lives today and every day of a Biden administration. The climate decade calls for decision makers to show and tell on  commitments  to economic and social transformation for present and future generations. The planet depends on it.“


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