September 10, 2020

350 Action Endorses Chris Bubser, David Zuckerman, Pramila Jayapal, Katie Porter, and Paula Jean Swearengin

Washington D.C. 350 Action is endorsing candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to progressive action on climate change, by supporting a just transition away from fossil fuels towards 100% renewable energy that centers a Green New Deal, and advocates to keep fossil fuels in the ground. You can find 350 Action’s other 2020 endorsements here.

This week, 350 Action is endorsing the following candidates:

The following is a statement from 350 Action’s Policy Director, Natalie Mebane:

“We know what’s at stake for our communities and the planet. With the November election less than two months away, it’s critical that we support real climate solutions. That’s why we’re endorsing progressive candidates whose intersectional platforms will address the compounding crises of climate, the pandemic, racial injustice, and economic inequality that we face today. These candidates are committed to ensuring a just future for their constituents and our country. This is exactly the transformative leadership our country needs now.”

350 Action endorses Chris Bubser, a Democrat running for the House in California’s 8th District, on a platform that includes support for a Green New Deal, a moratorium on new drilling and coal exploration on public lands, and an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Here is her response to our candidate questionnaire:

I firmly believe that the GND legislation that Congress crafts to confront climate change and to create 21st Century jobs in wind, solar and other forms of green energy will move our country forward in terms of racial, economic and social justice.”

350 Action endorses David Zuckerman, a Democrat running for Governor of Vermont on a platform that includes a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, a moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure, and criminal justice reform. Here is his response to our candidate questionnaire:

When putting together legislation to rectify or address a climate crisis situation, the solution needs to incorporate remedies for past systemic injustices so those who were harmed the most receive compensatory remedies for the future.”

350 Action endorses Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat running for the House in Washington’s 7th District on a platform that includes a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, a commitment to bring our movement’s demands into the halls of power. On her website, she offers her stance on bold climate action:

“There are no ‘alternative facts’ to climate science. Last year was the hottest year in recorded history. We have a moral imperative to justly transition our economy from fossil fuels to renewable energy, providing sustainable jobs to our communities as we do so.”

350 Action endorses Katie Porter, a Democrat running for the House in California’s 45th District on a platform that includes Medicare for All, comprehensive immigration reform, and stopping offshore drilling. On her website, she offers her stance on climate action:

“We have [a duty] as Americans to build a better country for our kids. Investing in our infrastructure and protecting our environment are critical to achieving this goal.”

350 Action endorses Paula Jean Swearengin, a Democrat running for the Senate in West Virginia on a platform that includes a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and ensuring a just transition to clean energy. In Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Swearengin, she offered her stance on a just transition:

“I choose the side of working people, not millionaires. I choose the side of miners, not coal barons. Let’s unite our fight.”


350 Action is empowering voters across the country to make a direct impact in the most important climate races in the nation. From local elections that can determine the fate of proposed fossil fuel projects, to House races which could help wrestle control of Congress back from climate deniers and oil industry puppets, 350 Action is lifting up climate progressive candidates. Find out more about our work at