If you are a candidate seeking 350 Action’s endorsement, please fill out this questionnaire

(If endorsed, your responses will be posted publicly on 350 Action’s website.)

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350 Action makes endorsements based on the following criteria:

Strong Climate Policy

  • Support for a Green New Deal that creates a just and equitable transition to a fossil-free economy that works for all of us
  • A swift transition to 100% renewable energy, like wind and solar
  • No new fossil fuel projects, like oil pipelines and fracked gas power plants

Solidarity with the Climate Movement

  • Say no to fossil fuel money, as defined by the “No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.”
  • From investigations, to lawsuits, to serious carbon taxes, and beyond, hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for their role in causing the climate crisis.
  • Support for the fossil fuel divestment movement. Not a penny more for dirty energy, whether through individual investments or federal subsidies. 

Running as a Progressive Climate Champion

  • Our ability to survive and thrive doesn’t boil down to a single issue. We’re only supporting candidates willing to stand tall on climate AND other progressive issues, including: immigrant justice, LGBT rights, reproductive justice, racial justice, labor rights, healthcare for all, a family-sustaining minimum wage, public education, diplomacy-first foreign policy, the right to unionize, indigenous rights, gun safety, disability rights, trade justice, ending mass incarceration, reducing income inequality, and combating police violence.
  • Climate on the campaign trail. We want to elect leaders who speak from the heart and inspire the public. We think it’s especially important to talk about the intersection of climate and other social justice issues like immigration, racial justice, or income inequality in campaign speeches and communications. 

It Takes All of Us to Change Everything

  • Representation matters. Women and people of color are too often are hit first and worst by climate change, yet underrepresented in our halls of power. We’d like to change that. Underrepresented race, gender, class, and sexual orientation identities will play a role in our endorsement decisions.
  • Solidarity with our allies. We’ll be looking to our progressive allies, frontline partners, labor unions, and other movement leaders for guidance on endorsements.

What does a 350 Action endorsement mean?

  • Our hope is to focus national attention on some of the strongest climate progressives running at the federal, state, and local level.
  • We’ve got our eyes on the primaries. We think that making endorsements in primaries helps encourage progressive climate leaders to run, and encourages incumbents to stand with us.
  • Before making an endorsement, 350 Action will review questionnaire responses and consult leaders within the 350 network and allied organizations.
  • After making an endorsement, 350 Action will spread the word about our endorsements and encourage our supporters and allies to help climate progressives win their races.
  • For our top candidates, we’ll do everything in our power to get them elected. From registering voters to creative storytelling to knocking on doors to get out the vote, we will work hard to see our champions take their seats in office. 
  • We’ll hold them to their word. 350 Action’s endorsement doesn’t expire on election day. We’ll hold our candidates accountable for their promises on the campaign trail so we can usher the policies we need into law. 

Candidates, Fill out the Questionnaire



Ed Markey

Ed Markey for Senate (MA)

Read Ed’s candidate questionnaire answers

Jamaal Bowman

Jamaal Bowman for Congress (NY-16)

Read Jamaal’s candidate questionnaire answers

Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar for Congress (MN-05)

Read Ilhan’s candidate questionnaire answers


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for Congress (NY-14)

Ayanna Presley

Ayanna Pressley for Congress (MA-07)

Read Ayanna Pressley’s candidate questionnaire answers

Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Tlaib for Congress (MI-13)

Deb Haaland for Congress (NM-01)

Kara Eastman for Congress (NE-02)

Read Kara Eastman’s candidate questionnaire answers

Mike Siegel for Congress (TX-10)

Read Mike Siegel’s candidate questionnaire answers

Rep.Pramila Jayapal

Pramila Jayapal for House(WA -07)

Rep.Katie Porter

Katie Porter for House(CA-45)

Earl Blumenauer

Earl Blumenauer for House (OR-03)

Jabari Brisport

Jabari Brisport for House (NJ-05)

Mondaire Jones

Mondaire Jones for House (NY-10)

Paula Jean Swearengen

Paula Jean Swearengen for WV Senate

David Zuckerman

David Zuckerman for Governor (VT)

Chris Bubser

Chris Bubser for House(CA-08)






2021 Primary Endorsements


2020 Primary Endorsements

Alex Morse for Congress (MA-01)

Eva Putzova for Congress (AZ-01)

Jennifer Perelman for Congress (FL-23)

Andru Volinsky for Governor (NH)

Charles Booker for Senate (KY)

Arati Kreibichr for House (NJ – 05)

Andrew Romanoff for Senate (Colorado)

Nabilah Islam for House (GA-07)

Shaniyat Chowdhury for House (NY-05)

Phara Souffrant Forrest for NY Assembly

Stephen Smith for Governor (West Virginia)

Jessica Cisneros for House (TX-28)

McKayla Wilkes for House (MD-05)

Doyle Canning for House (OR-04)

Morgan Harper for House (OH-03)

Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez for Senate (Texas)

Robert Emmons Jr for House (IL-01)

Esmeralda Soria for House (CA-16)

Jessica Scarane for Senate (Delaware)

2019 Endorsements

Jumaane Williams for Public Advocate, New York City

2018 Endorsements

Abdul Al-Sayed for Governor of Michigan

Randy Bryce for Congress (WI-01)

Anmar Campa-Najjar for Congress (CA-50)

Christine Hallquist for Governor of Vermont

Tish James for New York State Attorney General

Ilhan Omar for Congress (MN-15)

Fayrouz Saad for Congress (MI-11)

Rashida Tlaib for Congress (MI-13)

Christa Yoakum for Nebraska PSC, District 1

David Zuckerman for Lt. Governor of Vermont

2017 Endorsements

Keith Ellison for Democratic National Committee Chair

Tom Perriello for Governor of Virginia

2016 Endorsements

Hillary Clinton for President (in the general election – read more)

2014 Endorsements

Rick Weiland for Senate (South Dakota)

2013 Endorsements

#VoteNoKXL: Ed Markey for Senate (Massachusetts)