July 30, 2020

350 Action Responds to Trump’s Calls for Delay to Election

(Washington D.C) In a tweet today, Donald Trump floated delaying the November election with claims that increased mail-in voting would result in fraud. 

In response, 350 Action Director Tamara Toles O’Laughlin made the following statement: 

“The occupant of the White House clearly lacks basic understanding of how the branches of government work together as he continues to shred democracy for his own gain. This preposterous claim that the presidential elections could be delayed by a tweet is yet another one of Trump’s diversion tactics to keep from the real story. Trump is failing as president, thrusting the country into economic depression with his refusal to respond to COVID-19 and thinly veiled giveaways to his Big Oil friends. Like other stunts, the president is once again resorting to stoking fear to cover the fact that he is trailing in national polls and in battleground states.

“In the biggest election of our lives, 350 Action knows what is at stake. We will work to safeguard our democracy, demand fair elections, and mobilize our base to turn out climate voters and combat voter suppression. Our movement will not be intimidated by Trump’s continued threats. The office of the President is a call to serve all the people, and to show leadership. We are rising up with all movements for justice to demand a future rooted in dignity, justice and free of climate catastrophe, and that means making Trump a one term president.”