August 21, 2020

350 Action Responds to Joe Biden’s Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech

Washington, DC — This evening, on the final night of the Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden accepted the Presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention. In his speech, he recognized the compound crisis of COVID-19, economic inequality, the climate crisis, and racial injustice. He pledged to take climate action and committed to creating millions of jobs in a clean energy economy. He also doubled down on commitments to end fossil fuel subsidies and make polluters pay for climate destruction. He commended the work of youth climate and racial justice activists and called for a united America in pursuit of a better future. 

350 Action North America Director Tamara Toles O’Laughlin gave the following response: 

“The DNC wraps amidst raging wildfires, blistering summer temperatures, a record-breaking hurricane season, and an ongoing deadly pandemic that has disproportionately hit Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and communities of color. With the climate crisis worsening, we need real leadership that heeds science and is willing to fight like hell to protect humanity. The stakes are too high for our democracy, our lives, and our climate to take another four more years of Trump. 

“In his speech, Biden highlighted the greatest threats to democracy, including the climate crisis. It is clear that his campaign is listening to the demands of our movements for justice. We recognize Biden’s commitments and we will hold him to these promises to enact an economic and social transformation through a Green New Deal that prioritizes frontline communities and delivers on jobs, renewable infrastructure, and adequate health care. 

“We are holding the Biden-Harris campaign to high standards, and because of our pressure, they have adopted the strongest climate platform of any presidential ticket in history. We know our work doesn’t stop after the votes are counted. If elected, we expect the Biden-Harris team to deliver on bold climate action and we will call on them to prioritize a just recovery for communities most impacted by the crises of COVID-19, economic, racial, and climate injustice.  In the lead up to the election, we will continue to highlight what’s at stake for people and the planet.