May 5, 2020

350 Action on the ReWIND Act to Stop Fossil Fuel Bailouts

Washington, DC — In response to the ReWIND Act introduced today by Representative Nanette Barragán and Senator Jeff Merkley to prevent the Trump administration from bailing out fossil fuel corporations, 350 Action’s Associate Director of U.S. Policy Natalie Mebane gave the following statement:

“The ReWIND Act is exactly the message we need to send to the Trump administration and those in Congress who support fossil fuel corporations over everyday people. While unemployment is at an all time high due to COVID-19, Trump and his allies in Congress are working overtime to bailout the corporate oil and gas executives driving us deeper into climate disaster instead of those in need. We commend Representative Barragán and Senator Merkley for introducing this legislation to put people first and prevent polluters from manipulating this crisis for their own profits. We need to prioritize protections for workers and do everything possible to help communities that are most vulnerable during this pandemic.”