June 5, 2020

350 Action: It’s Time for Trump to resign

Washington, DC – This week, Donald Trump deployed military forces to cities across the country against those protesting the brutal murder of George Floyd and ongoing anti-Black police violence. 350 Action’s North America director Tamara Toles O’Laughlin gave the following statement in response:

“When a president uses the military against people exercising basic human rights to protest, it is state terror. Every day that passes, communities turn out in growing numbers courageously demanding justice for George Floyd and an end to anti-Black violence, yet they are met with rubber bullets, tear gas, intimidation and beatings. Trump is emboldening white supremacy and the tearing down of the democracy for his own gain, and encouraging state-sanctioned brutality against those taking a stand for what they know is right. Black lives are at stake, and we will not be silent. We need a president that’s willing to hear the demands being called for by the people whom the government serves. The resounding call from our communities is clear: defund the police, divest from white supremacy, invest in community solutions to policing and the climate crisis, and pave the way for a future rooted in dignity and justice. The office of President is a call to serve all the people. It’s past time for Trump to resign.”