September 14, 2020

350 Action Responds to Biden’s Pledge of Support for Climate Litigation

Biden has signaled support for mounting lawsuits issued by state attorneys general to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the climate crisis, while Trump continues to deny the crisis altogether. Last week, Biden’s home state of Delaware joined over 20 states, cities, and municipalities in suing big fossil fuel companies for deceiving investors and the public about their contribution to climate change.

A study from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication found that more than half of people in America support lawsuits holding fossil fuel companies accountable. 

350 Action Campaign Manager Jenny Marienau Zimmer gave the following response:

“This is an important example of the Biden campaign recognizing the need to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for knowingly bringing fires, smog, and disaster to our doorstep. Biden is clearly listening to the demands of frontline communities and our movement. In jarring contrast, as California faces a climate emergency, Trump is brazenly denying the crisis.”

On Wednesday, September 30, our sister organization will hold the Climate & Just Recovery Forum “Stronger than Storms” to bring together community leaders from impacted communities on the frontlines of demanding and building a Just Recovery on the ground.