October 27, 2020

350 Action Throws Weight Behind Election Efforts

Washington, DC — With one week until Election Day, 350 Action is throwing its weight behind efforts to get out the vote and ensure every vote is counted. This comes as Tropical Storm Zeta strengthens near the Gulf, Northern California braces for its worst wildfire conditions yet, and COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Our need for competent leadership is only growing more urgent.

“Our country is reeling from a pandemic, police violence against Black communities, climate disasters, and economic injustice. On top of it all, our entire democracy is at stake. Donald Trump has responded noncommittally to a peaceful transition of power, even hiring thousands of lawyers to set the foundation to call for a rigged election,” said Brooke Harper, 350 Action Regional Campaign Strategist. “Biden and Harris have our backs: they know that we are not going to be silenced in this election. 350 Action is ramping up our GOTV efforts to dismantle the fossil fuel industry’s hold on our economy and our democracy, and to ensure that our communities are prioritized in a just recovery from the crises we face. In the lead-up to Election Day, and in the uncertain weeks and months that may follow, we are rising up in our homes, backyards, the streets, halls of power, and virtually for a just recovery toward a peoples’ vision of democratic America.”

350 Action is preparing to join the Protect the Results days of action following the November 3 election, through support for mass mobilization and distributed actions across the country. Protect the Results is a network of over 140 groups concerned about Trump’s efforts to sow doubt about the election, and his continued refusal to say if he will accept the results. The coalition plans to mobilize millions of Americans, with over 370 “Count Every Vote” rallies already scheduled.

350 Action ramped up its 2020 get out the vote efforts over the last three months, and has formally endorsed the Biden-Harris ticket, as well as a slate of progressive candidates at the state and local level. Now, the organization is ramping up efforts ahead of Election Day.

350 Action is supporting our sister organization, 350.org, with nonpartisan efforts to get out the vote and combat voter suppression. To date, 350.org has made over 364,000 phone calls, recruited 900 phone bankers, and enrolled nearly 1,000 poll monitors

“To protect our democracy and planet, we must fight for every eligible voter’s right to vote. That’s why we are phonebanking like our lives depend on it. My neighborhood in Denver, Colorado has been impacted by increased air pollution due to a nearby refinery, high COVID-19 cases, toxic wildfire smoke, and persistent impacts of widespread environmental racism,” shared Emily Southard, 350.org Campaign Manager. “Neighborhoods like mine are seizing this moment to drum up pressure, and demand a just recovery from the climate crisis. Our vote is our voice, and we must speak up now or risk losing it.”


Press Contact: Denali Nalamalapu, 347-504-1057, denali.nalamalapu@350action.org

350 Action is throwing its weight behind efforts to get out the vote. If you’d like to learn more about these efforts, click here: https://350action.org/get-out-the-vote-2020/