Donald Trump and his Republican Congress are determined to keep up their attacks on climate action and social justice — from the Dakota Access pipeline to the unconscionable Muslim ban, and beyond. We need leadership from the Democratic Party that can kick Trump’s cronies out of Congress, and replace them with people ready to fight back.

On February 24th the Democratic Party will choose their new chair — and there is one candidate running who has been organizing the longest and the hardest for the bold stands needed to defeat Trump: Representative Keith Ellison.

Rep. Ellison has taken the strongest stances for climate action and against corporate giveaways like the TPP of any candidate in the race for DNC chair. A grassroots uprising in support of Ellison’s campaign it could help push him into the chair. DNC leaders are gathering for a meeting this weekend and we’re joining with several other progressive organizations to deliver a massive grassroots endorsement for Ellison.

Can you add your name to the endorsement of Rep. Ellison for DNC Chair before the delivery this weekend? Here’s where to go to co-endorse with us.

350 Action has never endorsed a candidate for DNC Chair before, but we think that this extraordinary moment requires it. Rep. Ellison has also been endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders and civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis, as well as Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault the chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, Keystone XL fighter Jane Kleeb.

But more importantly he’s an organizer — and it takes organizing to beat Trump. He wants to see Democrats challenge Trump’s agenda on every level — while listening to and working with people in the streets fighting for justice every day. He’s also been a longtime supporter of’s actions and campaigns.

Last spring when the Democratic party was writing its official platform, Rep. Ellison was one of the people speaking out strongly for serious efforts to deal with climate change. He was also unwavering in his support of action to confront Wall Street, policies that address racial inequality and more.

Rep. Ellison leading the DNC would be an important step towards a Democratic party that will both resist Trump, and advance the fight for justice. You can show your support for his campaign here.

The Democratic party isn’t the only organization that’s going to be fighting back against Trump over the next few years – and Rep. Ellison isn’t the only leader we’ll need to support. But if the Democrats start to do their job, it will make the rest of our work a whole heck of a lot easier — which is why Rep. Ellison is the right person to lead in this crucial moment.

P.S. You can read Bill McKibben’s endorsement of Rep. Ellison in the Boston Globe here, and see more about Rep. Ellison’s platform and positions here.