It will take all of us -- reaching out to those around us, sharing stories and engaging -- to make sure Donald Trump does not have a path to the White House. Here are ways that anyone, no matter your digital skill level, can use new media to help spread the word.


1. Turn your real life organizing into digital stories:

Are you calling or texting voters in swing states? Having a phone-banking or text-banking party? Hosting a training? Canvassing? Birddogging candidates? That’s awesome! Now will you share about it on your own social media? That way people in your networks can learn about the awesome things underway.

Post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #VoteThenGetOut.

Some examples:


2. Share why you’re taking action to stop Trump.

What does this election mean to you? Why will YOU take action and get out the vote to keep Trump out of the White House? We all have our reasons to stop Trump (and believe me, we know there are a million). What is yours?

3. Ask your friends to join you.

Could be an Instagram post. Could be on Facebook. Could be via Snapchat. Or just shoot them a text!
Remind them of the ways to get involved: 350action.org/election2016.

4. Share existing digital graphics and stories on your own social media.

We will be sharing lots of good graphics, stories, updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts – so if you want idea, just always reshare from there.

And here are some sample graphics to share. To download, right click and save.

stoptrump gotv-redirect-link

Last week young divestment organizers from across the country told their story about why this election matters to them. Check out and share the recording here: 


5. Ask important people in your community to also share about it.

It doesn’t have to be a big celebrity. Could be a campus sports team, or a local musician or politician. Who in your community do people listen to and who has a big reach on social media?