Here’s a brilliant new tactic to stop the Keystone XL pipeline: putting clean, renewable energy directly in its path.

We’re teaming up with our friends at BOLD Nebraska to build a “Clean Energy Barn” to block Keystone XL. The barn will be powered by wind turbines and solar panels, and will be a potent symbol of the future we want to create — a future powered by renewable energy, a future where the Keystone XL pipeline was just a bad idea some corporation once had.

The Clean Energy Barn will cost $65,000. That might sound like a lot, but imagine how powerful this story could be: thousands of everyday citizens coming together to crowdfund the solar-powered project that helped block the Keystone pipeline.

Can you chip in to help our friends at BOLD Nebraska make this vision a reality?

This project can make a real difference. Since no permanent structures are allowed in the path of Keystone XL, President Obama wouldn’t be able to approve the pipeline without ordering the destruction of a barn powered by renewable energy in the middle of America’s heartland. When it comes to crafting a public image, the President is a pretty savvy guy — and he knows how bad that will look for him.

So we’re hoping you can dig deep and help get this done. If you pitch in $50 or more, your name will go on a plaque on the Energy Barn — plus you’ll get an awesome “Build Our Energy” sticker to slap on your laptop, bike, or water bottle. It’ll look something like this:

Build Our Energy Sticker

Click here to chip in, get a sticker, and help BOLD Nebraska create something amazing.

Even if you can only donate a few bucks, every contribution helps — and brings us one step closer to stopping Keystone. For good.

Let’s do this,


P.S. Our friends at BOLD Nebraska are constructing the barn next weekend as part of the Draw the Line day of action. Don’t have plans to Draw the Line just yet? Click here to find an event to join.