Today we shook Columbus with the biggest action against fracking yet in Ohio. 1000 strong, we took over the statehouse and passed a people’s resolution to end fracking in Ohio and support a sustainable future.

Words aren’t quite enough to capture the feeling from today, so here’s a photo of our people’s assembly taking back the statehouse from the oil and gas industry:

We marched, we chanted, we heard incredible stories, and we pledged to continue our resistance. We still have a lot to do – and we’ll have next steps to share later this week – but after 4 days of hard work, topped by a remarkably beautiful action, it’s worth taking a few moments today to appreciate the great things we can do together.

Thank you again to everyone who joined the action – and our apologies for anyone whose ears are still ringing from the thunderous uproar in the Statehouse.

I am really looking forward to meeting you again in action,


Long P.S. – This action was led by the Action Fund team in collaboration with the grassroots Ohio anti-fracking movement. At 350, we don’t like to ask for money – we much prefer to be doing organizing – but there are a few yet-uncovered costs from this action that we would be grateful for your help with. We’re also totally excited about the precedent that Ohio has set for the country, and we’re looking to take this kind of action to other states too.

We all know that the oil and gas industry targets the poorest communities for their worst practices, and we understand that many of our friends and allies are unable to make a donation. We are interested first and foremost in your work — but if you are able to make a donation as well, click here.

Short P.S. – Don’t forget to thank a dad near you today.