John Fetterman believes  that climate change is an existential threat, and that we need to transition to clean energy as quickly as possible. But that must be done  in a way that preserves the union way of life for the thousands of workers currently employed or supported by the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania and the communities where they live. The transition needs to  honor and uphold the union way of life for workers across Pennsylvania, and create thousands of good-paying union jobs in clean energy in the process.

In the Senate,  he has pledged to support legislation that combats high gas prices, invests in upgrading infrastructure, and responsibly transitions Pennsylvania  to cleaner energy sources. He will ensure that we  make proper investments in greener, cleaner technology in America — and make more of that technology right here at home.  John Fetterman has never taken a dime from the fossil fuel industry, and pledges to never do so. He has stated that “any vote I take when it comes to energy production and climate will be what I believe is right — not what fossil fuel executives tell me to do.” He also believes that clean energy can revitalize former steel towns all across Pennsylvania, including Braddock, the town he calls home. He believes that it’s a total false choice that we have to choose between creating jobs and working towards a cleaner environment — we can and must do both.