We are supporting a slate of State House candidates in New Hampshire that have bold climate policy in their platform including an end to fossil fuel use and expansion, investments in renewable energy, and support for a Green New Deal. Climate is an intersectional issue, so the candidates below have strong stances on progressive issues like: racial justice, immigrant justice, LGBTQIA+ rights, reproductive justice, healthcare for all, a family-sustaining minimum wage, public education, Indigenous rights, gun safety, disability rights, ending mass incarceration, and reducing income inequality.

  • Shaun Filiault for Chesire 7
  • Amanda Elizabeth Toll for Chester 15
  • Renee Monteil for Chesire 15
  • Alissandra Murray for Hillsborough 20
  • Melanie Renfrew-Hebert for Hillsborough 29
  • Jonah Wheeler for Hillsborough 33
  • Ellen Read for Rockingham 10
  • Robin Vogt for Rockingham 21
  • Cam Kenney for Strafford 10