Wisconsin has a rich history of defending and preserving its water, air and natural resources. As Governor, combating climate change has been a key priority for Governor Evers’ administration. Governor Evers knows that the changing climate is impacting the health, safety, and economic well-being of every community in the state. Climate extremes such as tornados, flooding, cold spells, and higher summer temperatures are becoming more severe and occurring more often. The livelihood of Wisconsin farmers is in danger – extreme and unpredictable weather is having a toll on crops and production.

Continued damage and threats to the state’s natural resources will greatly impact tourism and the Wisconsin economy. The costs local governments are occurring to protect and repair infrastructure weighs heavily on communities across the state already under constrained budgets. And, most alarming, health professionals have declared the climate crisis one of the biggest threats to our health. Governor Evers formed the Task Force on Climate Change to chart a path for Wisconsin to combat climate change and transition to a cleaner, safe and more equitable state.