About 350 Action

350 Action is changing the politics of climate change in the United States.

350 Action mobilizes progressive voters, gets climate champions elected, holds fossil-fueled politicians accountable, supports frontline partners, trains young movement leaders—and much more.

 In the past month the climate justice community in the US has gone from quietly resigned to another election of “if we can just get a couple more seats in the Senate,” to relieved, and hungry to build on the progress made in the Inflation Reduction Act. At 350 Action we’re relishing the biggest win in decades, and we are actively ramping up the phone, door knocking, and relational organizing infrastructure needed to protect and expand upon it next year. 

Our work isn’t only about winning elections — this is about building an unstoppable movement with the political power we need to win the future that science and justice demand, before we run out of time.

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Have general questions for our team? You can get in touch with us at 350actionstaff [at] 350action [dot] org.

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