Growing up in a small town in NH is pretty unique. One of the best places to live by many standards. Many love it for the ‘small town feel’ or the diverse landscapes, which is why I believe that climate change hits home for so many of us. The scale of this problem has been presented to us time and time again. New Hampshire is not one to worry about scale being the third­-largest parliamentary body in the English speaking world. At times organizing actions around climate justice is tiresome, when others are rewarding and optimistic–for example Sunday November 29th’s climate march in Portsmouth. 200+ people joined together for an organized, peaceful rally in one of the more prominent cities on the Seacoast.

Grassroots movements need to continue to bring awareness to people and educate them on the scope of the problem. Without the education of the masses we won’t be able to support new solutions and alternative options in our world. The second industrial revolution sent us down a path of fossil fuel addiction. Today is a new day where the third industrial revolution is ready to evolve our world for the better. Distributed self sufficient energy networks worldwide. The smart grid needs to be focused upon. Not only will the new infrastructure carry power but also high speed fiber networks are essential to the next stage of communication and networking.

I have researched and read about the next evolution of information systems to a point where I wholeheartedly believe that the tools we create as a species in the next 20 years will be able to conquer some of the most difficult questions being asked about the safety of our environment. Most importantly is the analysis of big data. Advancements in machine learning allow for machines to learn from input data sets and come to their own conclusion if presented an idea. This happens to be a very similar method a child uses to learn. The company Skybox creates HD satellite imagery arrays. This company was recently bought out by Google and is on track to produce an advanced array of devices which will have the ability to take two pictures of the entire earth every day. The amount of data that can be obtained from these pictures could change the way we think of ourselves as a species. Machine learning techniques combined with spatial algorithms will allow for true day to day transparency of our world’s resources.

My hope is that with the further advancement of these information systems will provide the grassroots movement to have a toolset for political reform and momentum for a cleaner future in NH and around the world.

For now I will continue to complete further independent research and focus heavily on my own startup to integrate small businesses with technology, promoting business continuity in this ever changing world. Learn more at

Cody Hussey is a 90’s kid who turned out to be a Freedom Fighter, Fresh Food Addict, and an Aspiring Futurist