#FossilFree Candidate Commitments

Across the country, more than 80 candidates running for office at all levels of government have committed to a #FossilFree world.

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What does it mean to be #FossilFree?

Our movement is calling for a just and equitable transition to a world with:

  • 100% renewable energy for all
  • No new coal, oil or gas projects
  • Not a penny more for dirty energy

#FossilFree Federal Candidates

  • Deb Haaland | Congress: NM-1, Democrat
  • Marie Newman | U.S. House of Representatives, Illinois’ 3rd District
  • Gregory Edwards | Democrat running for Congress, PA-7
  • Kaniela Ing | Democrat running for Congress HI-01
  • Thomas Heckroth | Democratic candidate for Congress, IA-01
  • Kevin de Leon | Democratic Candidate of US Senate, California
  • Jess King | Democratic candidate for Congress, PA-11
  • Pat Davis | US Representative, NM-01
  • Antoinette Sedillo Lopez | Democratic candidate for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional district
  • Steve Bacher | Democratic candidate for Congress in the new PA-1 (formerly PA-8).
  • Susan Wild | Democratic candidate for Congress, PA-7
  • Tim S White | OR US Congress 2nd District
  • Steven Machat | Florida’s 26th US Congress District.
  • Stephen Jaffe | Democratic Candidate for California’s 12th Congressional District
  • Kristen Rosen Gonzalez | Democratic Candidate for US Congress in FL 27
  • Pete D’Alessandro | Democrat running for Congress in IA-3
  • Matt Haggman | Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida’s 27th district
  • Debbie Mucarsel-Powell | Florida’s 26th Congressional District
  • Eddie Mauro | Democrat for House District IA-03
  • Katie Wilson | Democrat and Working Families Party candidate for US House of Representatives, NY-21
  • Patrick Nelson | Democratic Candidate for the US House of Representatives for NY’s 21st District
  • Ian Todd | DFL candidate for The House of Representatives, MN-06
  • Julia Peacock | Democratic Candidate for US House CA-42
  • Jess Phoenix | Democratic Candidate for Congress, CA-25
  • J.D. Scholten | Congress, IA-04
  • Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson | Democratic candidate for Congress, PA-10
  • Scott Wallace | Democrat for Congress, PA-01
  • Ammar Campa-Najjar | Democratic Candidate running for Congress, CA-50
  • Amy Vilela | Democratic candidate for Congress, NV-04
  • Rachel Barnhart | Representative in Congress, NY-25
  • Ellen Lipton | Democrat running for Congress, MI-09
  • Andy Thorburn | Democratic candidate for California’s 39th Congressional District
  • Brian Flynn | Democrat running for Congress, NY-19
  • Katie Hill | Democratic Candidate for Congress, CA-25
  • Robin Wilt | Democratic Primary candidate for New York’s 25th Congressional District
  • Brianna Wu | Progressive Democrat running for U.S. Congress, MA-8
  • Tedra Cobb | Democratic candidate for Congress, NY-21
  • Mark Williams | Independent Democrat for Congress (CO-2)
  • Dana Balter | Democrat running for Congress, NY-24
  • Sam Jammal | Democratic Candidate for California’s 39th Congressional District
  • Kimberly Bizon | Democratic – U.S. House of Representative
  • Tracy Mitrano | Democratic Candidate-Congress, NY-23
  • Perry Gershon | NY-01
  • Dylan Ratigan | Democratic Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, NY-21

#FossilFree State + Local Candidates

  • Ben Jealous | Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland
  • Cathy Glasson | Democratic candidate for Governor of Iowa
  • Andrew Gillum | Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida
  • Robert K. Massie | Democratic candidate for Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Cynthia Nixon | WFP and Democratic Candidate for Governor of New York
  • Krish O’Mara Vignarajah | Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland
  • Matt Plummer | Democratic candidate for Marion County Commissioner, Oregon
  • Dr. Christian R. Komor | 2018 Independent Candidate for Arizona Governor
  • Mandela Barnes | Democrat Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
  • Chloe Maxmin | Maine House of Representatives District 88 as a Democrat
  • Aaron Regunberg | Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor of Rhode Island
  • Daniel Biss | Democratic Candidate for Illinois Governor
  • Matt Dernoga | Democratic Candidate for Maryland State Delegate, District 21
  • Dr. Nathan Boddie | Democratic candidate for Oregon House of Representatives HD-54
  • Katharine Clark | Democratic candidate for State Land Commissioner
  • Jennifer Boddicker | Democratic candidate for Florida House District 80
  • Alex Ramel | Washington State Representative. 40th district. Position 1. Democrat
  • Andy McGuire | Democratic candidate for Governor of Iowa
  • Hazel Chandler | Arizona House of Representatives LD20
  • Donna Hines | Md St Senate Dist 7
  • Mike McCabe | Democratic candidate for Governor of Wisconsin
  • Joy Silver | California State Senator for the 28th District
  • Jay Gonzalez | Democratic candidate for Governor of Massachusetts
  • Jess Phoenix | California (CA)
  • Danielle Meitiv | Democratic candidate for County Council at Large, Montgomery County, MD
  • Stephen Fischmann | NM PRC District 5, Democrat
  • Benjamin Bloomenthal | State Representative – 14th Middlesex District
  • Joy Silver | California State Senate District #28
  • Paul Glover | Governor of Pennsylvania, Green Party
  • Mindi Messmer | Dem. Candidate for CD-1 New Hampshire
  • Mark A Dunlea | NY State Comptroller, Green Party
  • Howie Hawkins | Green candidate for Governor of New York
  • Robert Shields | Green Party Candidate for Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor
  • Katy Eymann | Coos County Commissioner Position #2 OR
  • Hazel Chandler | Democratic Candidate for Arizona State House LD 20

For a complete list of #FossilFree elected officials, click here.

For a list of candidates who have pledged to not accept campaign money from the fossil fuel industry, click here.

About this list: Every candidate listed on this page answered “yes” to all climate policy questions in the 350 Action candidate questionnaire, or made similar commitments in response to a partner organization’s questionnaire.