No US Presidential candidate has ever posed a greater threat to climate justice than Donald Trump. He’s a one-man climate disaster who would rip up the Paris climate deal, build Keystone XL and dig up as much coal, oil and gas as possible.

So today, I’m asking you to do something that 350 Action has never done before: join us in a national push to get out the vote. We need your help calling and texting people in the key battleground states that will decide this election.

If we work hard, Donald Trump will not have a path to the White House. Here are a few ways you can help.

  1. Host a get-out-the-vote house party. We’re organizing a week of action to get out the vote on October 1-9. To join us, just register, invite some friends, then get together to make calls and send texts.
  2. Sign up to start making calls and sending texts right now, from wherever you are. We’re teaming up with NextGen Climate, who’ve offered their very best calling and texting tools to the movement, to reach voters in key swing states.
  3. And if you’re a student and want to organize or attend a get out the vote event on campus, sign up here.

Voting for Hillary Clinton is the way we know we can defeat Trump and Trump-ism. With her in office, we can continue to push her with other progressives, just like we’ve done the past eight years, to build towards a different vision.

This isn’t easy! We have our disagreements with Secretary Clinton on many things. I bet you and your friends are talking about what to do in this election, just like mine are. It’s important to remember that November 8 is a vital day — but November 9 is just as vital.

Together, our movements got Sec. Clinton to come out against the TPP and Keystone XL, commit to investigate Exxon’s climate lies, and pushed her team to adopt the strongest climate platform in Democratic Party history. We need to continue that work, but that’s only possible if we defeat Trump first.

We’re not endorsing Secretary Clinton — we’re endorsing our movement. I don’t know what will happen on election day, but I do know that talking to voters to get out the vote is proven to swing elections — and I also know that the climate movement is capable of incredible things, and we consistently surprise ourselves.

Our team has made sure we’ll be using the best tools to make the biggest impact together, and I’ll be picking up the phone too. I hope you’ll join me.

With gratitude and respect,

May Boeve, 350 Action Executive Director