November 2, 2016

350 Action on the Paris climate agreement officially entering into force

NEW YORK, NY — On Friday, November 4, just four days ahead of the US election and amidst the escalating fight to protect our climate and communities from the Dakota Access Pipeline, the global Paris climate agreement will officially enter into force. In anticipation, May Boeve, 350 Action spokesperson, issued the following statement:

“To ensure the United States lives up to the Paris climate agreement it’s critical we elect Hillary Clinton on November 8 and then continue to push her to keep fossil fuels in the ground. With the presidential election just days away, the ominous question remains: will we elect a president who recognizes the threat of climate change and respects our international commitments, or a demagogue who claims climate change is a hoax and promises to ‘cancel’ the agreement?

Paris set big goals, now we need to get to work. The goals of the agreement require keeping fossil fuels in the ground and halting new fossil fuel development now. That means no more coal mines, no more offshore drilling, and definitely no Dakota Access Pipeline.  The end of the fossil fuel era has begun. Now, we have a massive responsibility to ensure that the transition toward a clean energy economy is just and swift.

Around the world, there is a powerful and growing fossil fuel resistance movement that is pushing our institutions and governments to divest and break free from fossil fuels to prioritize people and planet. It’s up to all of us to continue building a people’s climate movement to end the stranglehold of the fossil fuel industry over our democracy, and reclaim power over our future. The stakes have never been higher. ”


Contact: Dani Heffernan, 350 Action,, (305) 992-1544

  1. petition: Freeze New Fossil Fuel Development
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