September 26, 2019

350 Action Responds to Opening of Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump


September 26, 2019

Washington, D.C. – The House announced on Wednesday afternoon that it would formally launch an impeachment inquiry against Trump, in response to a whistleblower complaint about the President’s conduct.’s North America Director, Tamara Toles O’ Laughlin made the following statement:

“The launch of an impeachment inquiry against Mr. Trump is a watershed moment for a climate movement that has been wracked by the administration’s climate denial. We hardly had to wait for allegations of undemocratic misconduct to identify the ways Mr. Trump has already sold out this country, starting with attacks on climate protectors and their human rights. 24 days into his first month in office, Donald Trump signed his second executive order approving the construction of Keystone XL, putting the interests of corporations and fossil fuel billionaires ahead of our national interest. Since then, the President has been relentless in his rollbacks of key climate protections, in moves that have undermined the rights of not just climate activists, but workers, farmers, migrants, and more. 

“While it is critical that Congress do everything in its power to hold the highest office accountable for an endless list of transgressions, it must also seize the opportunity to advance real climate leaders to positions of power. The historic global climate strikes show that voters are mobilized, demand real climate action, and an end to the age of fossil fuels. As we near a pivotal primary season, it will be on Congress to get to work on passing transformative progressive legislation, or get out of the way.”  


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Press Contact: Monica Mohapatra, U.S. Communications Specialist,