August 27, 2019

350 Action Responds to Andrew Yang’s “Higher Ground” 2020 Climate Plan


Aug 27 2019

Washington D.C. – Andrew Yang, entrepreneurial 2020 candidate, released his climate plan, which featured a mix of both technological and grassroots solutions to the climate crisis. Yang commits over 4 trillion in federal spending on climate, alongside massive investments in geoengineering and nuclear power. 

350 Action’s Director Tamara O’ Laughlin said, in response to the plan: 

“Andrew Yang’s climate plan is one of innovation and creativity which we would have liked to see matched with equally innovative climate solutions.  There is much to like about the candidate’s plan, including ideas we haven’t seen before such as banning former fossil fuel lobbyists from joining the administration and adding environmental standards to GDP calculations. We appreciate that the candidate’s fast-tracked timeline for reaching net-zero emissions also commits to forgiving rural power cooperatives’ debt and is perhaps the only climate plan to be as sober in its assessment of future climate impacts.

“The plan, overall, falls short, especially when compared with the plans of candidates like Warren and Sanders. With an overemphasis on solutions that vary from questionable to dangerous, the ‘Higher Ground’ climate plan could be read as a pitch to Silicon Valley investors. From carbon capture to space mirrors, Yang’s $800 billion interest in speculative climate technology misses the opportunity to outline real climate solutions.

We are looking for candidates to produce climate plans that prioritize people-focused policy and build upon existing community-based climate solutions. Any presidential candidate must commit to a just transition for workers and frontline communities by supporting the Green New Deal. Yang’s plan simply does not go far enough or have a sufficiently equitable vision for the climate crisis.”


Press Contact: Monica Mohapatra, U.S. Communications Specialist,