May 10, 2019 Responds to Early News of Joe Biden’s Climate Policy

The first signals of presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s climate platform surfaced on Friday, indicating that his approach would be far less ambitious than many of his peers’. Advisors say the policy will center on rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and would promote an energy mix that includes fossil fuels and nuclear sources.

350 Action Executive Director, May Boeve said:

“There is no middle ground on climate policy that leads to a livable future for our communities and for the planet. In 2020, we don’t need moderation on climate, we need a moonshot. While we certainly don’t oppose rejoining the Paris climate agreement, this moment calls for far more ambitious action.

“We need a candidate who will fight for our communities’ health, safety and futures with ambition and rigor. We cannot afford to lose another 4 years to weak federal climate platforms. Voters have made clear that climate change is a top priority issue in this Presidential election; this requires that Presidential hopeful Biden put forward the boldest possible vision to transform our economy, and stop climate-wrecking fossil fuel projects. Joe Biden should know that this is not a matter of negotiation or preference, it’s a matter of survival.”


Press Contact: Thanu Yakupitiyage, 350 Action,