November 2, 2016

Clinton Surrogate Jennifer Granholm comes out against Dakota Access Pipeline

“We ought to keep fossil fuel energy in the ground”

Buffalo, NY — Former Michigan Governor and co-chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential transition team Jennifer Granholm spoke out against the Dakota Access Pipeline during a clean energy jobs event at Canisius College on Tuesday.  

“This is proof that organizing works.” said Jason Kowalski, spokesperson for 350 Action. “Hillary Clinton may want the climate movement to “get a life,” but clearly her surrogates are willing to stand with us. Electing Hillary Clinton will help empower ‘keep it in the ground’ allies like Granholm to stop dangerous fossil fuel projects like Dakota Access.”

Native organizers at Standing Rock have been met with militarized law enforcement this week, but remain committed to stopping the pipeline.



Question: A question a lot of people want to know — do you stand with the Standing Rock Sioux in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Granholm: Yes, I do. I do. And you know, here’s what I think. In all things, we should be erring on the side of generating more renewable energy rather than generating more fossil fuel energy, and pipelines facilitate the generation of fossil fuel energy. We are seeing that the costs of renewables are dropping to grid parity and below, especially wind in particular is very, very cheap. We ought to be doing everything we possibly can to keep fossil fuel energy in the ground and developing the renewable side.


Contact: Dani Heffernan, 350 Action,, (305) 992-1544