July 30, 2019

350 Action Launches “Day One Pledge” For 2020 Presidential Candidates, Including Commitment to Banning Fossil Fuel Projects on Public Land

Friday, July 29 2019

(Washington D.C) The climate crisis is well underway, and the President has the power to affect the pace at which it takes place. Within hours of taking office, the next President could take action that would significantly impact the climate crisis. We need bold and visionary climate leadership in the White House, and we can’t wait. 

350 demands a climate leader who understands the scale of the issue and is prepared to take action on Day 1. That’s why we’re launching the Day One Pledge – so candidates will step up and commit to ambitious climate action from the beginning of their term. 

The Day One Pledge asks candidates to pledge to do the following on their first day of office:

  1. Reject all new federally-approved coal, oil, gas, and other fossil fuel project permits. 
  2. Phase out oil and gas drilling and fracking on public lands and off our coasts.
  3. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. 
  4. Ask Congress to investigate the fossil fuel industry’s role in misleading the public and stalling climate action, and to prepare to hold the industry accountable. 

To launch the Day One Pledge, 350 Action’s North America Director Tamara Toles O’Laughlin said: 

“As Democratic presidential candidates release climate plans that set the standard for climate leadership this country needs, there are actions they can take on their first day in office to set their plans in motion. Our Day One Pledge is a baseline for how elected officials can immediately pivot from an administration whose regressive climate policy has aggravated and deepened the climate crisis. 

“From rejoining the Paris Climate Accord to asking that Congress investigate the fossil fuel industry’s role in misleading the public about climate change for decades, signing this pledge holds candidates to their promise for bold climate action. While we continue to push the DNC for a climate debate that addresses the scope and nuance of the climate crisis, we are asking the Democratic candidates to sign this pledge and show their support for climate justice. ”


Press Contact: Monica Mohapatra, U.S. Communications Specialist, monica.mohapatra@350action.org