April 5, 2018

Bill McKibben and 350 Action Endorse Cathy Glasson for Iowa Governor

Washington, DC — Today, Bill McKibben and 350 Action, a national organization working to change the politics of climate change, endorsed Democratic candidate Cathy Glasson for Governor of Iowa. Glasson, who is running on a broad progressive platform, has been the most consistently anti-fossil fuel candidate in the gubernatorial race, favoring 100% renewables over new fossil fuel projects like the Dakota Access pipeline that runs through Iowa. She outlined her plans to address the climate crisis in 350 Action’s questionnaire. See her full responses here.

“It’s uplifting to see new leaders emerging who can actually envision a working future,” 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben said. “The guys in DC seem bent on returning us to some mythical past, but Cathy Glasson knows that prosperity for Iowans demands dealing with the challenges of the present moment. Windy Iowa can help show the nation the way out of its current blind alley if it gets serious about electing candidates with the knowledge and skills to deal with the here-and-now!”

“States have a huge role to play in tackling climate change, which is why we need bold leaders like Cathy at the helm,” 350 Action Executive Director May Boeve said. “Real climate action that moves us off fossil fuels and towards 100% renewable energy is a top priority in Cathy’s platform. She’s a champion for climate change solutions that create good, family-supporting jobs. Iowans have a chance this year to vote for a candidate who is ready to work with them to build the clean economy and safe climate we all need.”

As part of her campaign, Glasson has pledged to refuse contributions from the fossil fuel industry. Glasson also supports a moratorium on new fossil fuel projects, saying in her questionnaire, “In three years, there have been over 200 devastating oil spills in the US. We must stop the building of new pipelines and halt the expansion of any existing pipelines in Iowa.” She has spoken out fervently against the Dakota Access pipeline and expressed deep concern over last year’s massive Keystone pipeline leak.

When it comes to moving off fossil fuels, Glasson believes a 100% renewable energy future protects communities in the long run and creates much needed job opportunities. In her questionnaire, Glasson said, “We do that by working with experts in the field, investing in infrastructure, new public transit options and new forms of fuel replacement so that state government leads the way. We need to create new green jobs guaranteeing workers a $15 minimum wage, good benefits and union rights.”

Glasson’s plans for change are rooted in knowledge of how the climate crisis affects everyday people. She noted, “The rising threats of catastrophic climate change, environmental pollution, and ecological devastation are already causing real suffering for people everywhere: the impact is especially harsh on low-income families, communities of color, and our rural communities.” To stand up to corporate polluters, she’s joined protests and marches alongside fellow community members, saying, “We have done it multiple times and will keep doing it until we have climate justice.”

350 Action is empowering voters across the country to make a direct impact in the most important climate races in the nation. From local elections that can determine the fate of proposed fossil fuel projects, to House races which could help wrestle control of Congress back from climate deniers and oil industry puppets, 350 Action is lifting up climate progressive candidates. This year, 350 Action has also endorsed U.S. congressional candidates Deb Haaland (NM-1) and Greg Edwards (PA-7), and gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous (MD).


Contact: Dani Heffernan, 350 Action, dani@350.org, +1 (305) 992-1544