July 16, 2018

350 Action Endorses Three “Fossil Free” Candidates in Michigan: Abdul El-Sayed (Gov), Fayrouz Saad, (MI-11), and Rashida Tlaib (MI-13)

Washington, DC — Today 350 Action, a national organization working to change the politics of climate change, endorsed Abdul El-Sayed for Governor of Michigan, and Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) and Fayrouz Saad (MI-11) for U.S. Congress. All three candidates have refused to take money from the fossil fuel industry and support a moratorium on new pipelines and other fossil fuel projects. Read responses to 350 Action’s candidate questionnaire from El-Sayed, Tlaib, and Saad below.

“Michigan can and should be ground zero for climate action,” said 350 Action Executive Director May Boeve. “Candidates running as climate progressives are proving to be a game changing force in national politics this year. From Maryland, to New Mexico, to the Bronx, we’re seeing inspiring candidates run on strong intersectional climate platforms win races — Michigan is ready to do the same. Trump has reminded us that our struggles are intertwined, that to win on climate we need to talk about environmental racism, we need to talk about the links between climate and migration, and we need to fight for solutions that work for all of us. These candidates give us hope in dark times.”

In his questionnaire, El-Sayed said “As governor, I intend to double down on my track record of environmental protection by holding polluters accountable while investing in a deliberate vision for the future with Michigan at the forefront of renewable energy and green transportation innovation.” He added “I intend to immediately decommission Line 5 and oppose the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure throughout the state. I also aim to promote a full ban on fracking and fracking waste processing in Michigan.”

Running for congress, Fayrouz Saad said: “Here in Michigan, I frame climate policy by talking about how we can’t neglect the lessons of Flint. Minority communities and the working poor deserve justice, not dismissal.” She also supports “divesting any and all federally managed pension funds from fossil fuel companies,” and “a national ban on fracking.”

Rashida Tlaib has one of the strongest environmental justice track records of any 2018 congressional candidate. “I have been fighting environmental racism my whole career…I talk often about how pollution and environmental degradation is often pushed into the poorest areas, which frequently and not coincidentally are also areas where black and brown people live.  I have been running on my record of standing up for impoverished, polluted communities and demanding that mega-corporations either clean up their act or be shut down.” She adds: “I would ban fracking, support efforts to divest from fossil fuel companies, end subsidies to fossil fuel companies, and oppose all new pipeline permits.”

Communities in Michigan will be mobilizing throughout election season calling for real leadership on climate and environmental justice. On Monday, July 23, Michigan residents led by Sunrise Movement and NextGen Michigan will protest against Attorney General Bill Schuette for his support of the fossil fuel industry and disregard for the environment of the Great Lake State. A rally outside Schuette’s office at the State Capitol will demand accountability for his refusal to address Michigan’s polluted water crisis while accepting sizable donations from fossil fuel executives.


Abdul El-Sayed’s questionnaire response


Fayrouz Saad’s questionnaire response


Rashida Tlaib’s questionnaire response


350 Action is empowering voters across the country to make a direct impact in the most important climate races in the nation. In addition to Ben Jealous and Dana Balter, 350 Action has also endorsed U.S. congressional candidates Deb Haaland (NM-1) Jess King (PA-11), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), Dana Balter (NY-24), Kaniela Ing (HI-1), U.S. Senate candidate Kevin de León (D-CA), and gubernatorial candidates Ben Jealous (D-MD), Cynthia Nixon (D-NY), Andrew Gillum (D-FL), and Bob Massie (D-MA).




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350 Action is empowering voters across the country to make a direct impact in the most important climate races in the nation. From local elections that can determine the fate of proposed fossil fuel projects, to House races which could help wrestle control of Congress back from climate deniers and oil industry puppets, 350 Action is lifting up climate progressive candidates. Find out more about our work at www.350action.org.