June 27, 2019

350 Action Responds to First Democratic Debate

(Miami, FL) In response to the first set of Democratic Candidate Debates held in Miami, Florida, Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, 350 Action Director made the following statement: 

“The first of the Democratic debates focused on discussion of the climate crisis for less than eight minutes, less time than was spent fixing microphones. This sets up the election of our lifetimes with a tone of insufficient seriousness to address the magnitude of the climate crisis, its impact on communities, and the courage it requires to invest in real solutions. It is tone deaf to the calls of the people and a show of selective hearing from the Democratic National Committee. While four of the ten candidates tonight noted that climate change is one of the greatest threats to our democracy, not one candidate mentioned the Green New Deal. We are unimpressed by the ongoing disregard for a real Presidential platform for candidates to dig deep and commit to real action and solutions to the crisis at hand. The American people deserve better than mediocre questions and surface-level answers. We deserve a policy agenda like the Green New Deal that creates millions of new jobs in a 100% renewable economy, transitions us off of fossil fuels, and prioritizes the communities that are dealing with the devastating impacts of the climate crisis every single day. We deserve a climate debate to give these issues a serious hearing, where we can truly inspect the candidates leadership as we face this existential crisis as a nation.”


Press Contact: Thanu Yakupitiyage, thanu@350action.org