June 24, 2019

350 Action Responds to Jay Inslee’s “Freedom From Fossil Fuels” Plan

(Washington D.C) Today, Governor Jay Inslee, a 2020 Presidential Candidate, released his “Freedom from Fossil Fuels” plan, a set of proposals aims at phasing the U.S off of coal, oil, and natural gas production. The proposals address ending fossil fuel subsidies, banning new federal leasing and phasing out fossil fuel production, holding polluters liable and accountable, rejecting new fossil fuel projects, and advancing corporate climate transparency. 

In response, 350 Action Director Tamara Toles O’Laughlin said:

“Now this is a real climate plan! We are heartened to see Jay Inslee addressing the root cause of the climate crisis: the fossil fuel industry. This is the boldest plan yet out of a Presidential candidate that holds fossil fuel billionaires accountable for the damages they have caused to people and the planet. In particular, we are encouraged by Inslee’s willingness to hold Big Oil and the business of pollution accountable by making them pay for the damages they’ve caused to our health, our environment, and our climate. Additionally, we are pleased to see a candidate directly address immediate need to phase out fossil fuels and stop new fossil fuel projects, while providing a just transition roadmap and new opportunities for workers and their families in the industry. 

“This plan puts all Presidential candidates on notice of the level of ambition we need. It’s time to unapologetically and ambitiously tackle the climate crisis. This no-nonsense plan approaches what our communities deserve. And beyond signaling, we expect these commitments to be implemented by the next President.”


Press Contact: Thanu Yakupitiyage, thanu@350action.org