June 6, 2018

350 Action Celebrates Kevin de León (D-CA) Advancing to the General Election

Washington, DC — In response to U.S. Senate candidate Kevin de León (D-CA) advancing to the general election following yesterday’s primary, 350 Action Executive Director May Boeve gave the following statement:

“In a powerful progressive backlash to Trump, Californians are sending two Democrats to the general election for U.S. Senate this year. Kevin de León has won support from communities across the Golden State fighting for climate and environmental justice. His campaign draws the line between candidates who pay lip service to climate action, and those who are serious about keeping fossil fuels in the ground. We need more climate champions like De León saying “no” to fossil fuels, advocating for renewable energy solutions, and pushing the Democratic Party to do the same.”

Read Kevin de León’s responses to 350 Action’s candidate questionnaire here.




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