April 20, 2016

350 Action Reacts to New York Primary Results

Contact: Lindsay Meiman, 350 Action, (347) 460-9082

New York, NY — National climate campaign 350 Action issued the following reactions to the New York primary results:

“Our movement has pushed climate to the forefront of this presidential election as candidates engage in the fiercest debate on climate we’ve ever seen,” said Yong Jung Cho, 350 Action spokesperson. “With fracking center stage, our successes manifested on Thursday night’s debate stage and in today’s primary in New York. The momentum will only continue to build in the weeks and months to come.”

“Clinton has picked up votes in New York by moving to the left on key climate issues, including supporting the state’s ban on fracking and revealing a plan to tackle environmental injustices,” said Jason Kowalski, 350 Action spokesperson. “Six months ago, she was shaking off concerns around her position on fracking and ties to fossil fuel interests. Because of pressure from activists, Clinton has had to address these concerns under the literal spotlight of a presidential debate stage. Over the coming months, we’ll continue to push all candidates to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and fight for climate justice.”

“The momentum behind the Sanders campaign shows that there is a massive demand for ambitious and swift action for climate justice,” said Cho. “No major presidential candidate has ever taken such a bold stance against the fossil fuel industry. The Sanders campaign has shined the spotlight on a fired up a movement that will continue to push for bold climate solutions long after the election. It’s the same movement energy that stopped the Keystone XL pipeline and put 400,000 people in the streets of New York for the People’s Climate March — and it’s only growing.”

“Climate denial continues to reign among the Republican candidates,” said Cho. “Cruz is essentially a walking puppet for the fossil fuel industry, Trump claims climate change is a hoax brought to us by the Chinese, and Kasich has taken up smack talking clean energy. We need a president that will keep fossil fuels in the ground, not lead our country deeper into the climate crisis.”

Fracking and fossil fuel ties will continue to be pivotal issues going forward as presidential candidates face off next week in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Both states recently imposed restrictions on fracking: a moratorium on fracking in Maryland and a ban on fracking in Pennsylvania’s parks and forests.


350 Action has not endorsed any presidential candidate and is working in primary states to urge candidates for president to take bold action on climate change by pledging to keep fossil fuels in the ground and support a just transition to a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all.