We need a new kind of climate leadership.

From the streets to the ballot box, 350 Action is fighting for progressive climate champions who are willing to stand up for climate justice, good green jobs, just immigration policies, healthcare for all, and human rights.

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Vote for Climate Justice in 2018

On September 8, hundreds of thousands of people rose up in more than 900 cities around the world with a clear message: the climate solutions we need can’t wait a moment longer, and we need leaders who will take bold action.

Now, it’s time for us to take that momentum from the streets to the ballot box.

The last four years have been the hottest ever on record. Climate disasters — from wildfires blazing across the West to superstorms threatening communities from Hawaii to Florida  — are putting our lives and homes at risk.

The science is undeniable, and two-thirds of people in the US agree it’s time to transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

We need bold action like a Green New Deal that would put millions of people across the country to work in green jobs building strong communities and a safe climate. But as long as lawmakers fear fossil fuel industry lobbyists more than they respect your vote, that won’t happen.

We want lawmakers to take climate change seriously. And that means we need to take our votes seriously.

Let's make it count. Pledge to vote for real climate leadership in 2018.

“I commit to vote only for candidates who will stand up to fossil fuel billionaires and champion green jobs, strong communities, and a safe climate.”

“I commit to vote only for candidates who will stand up to fossil fuel billionaires and champion green jobs, strong communities, and a safe climate.”

“I commit to vote only for candidates who will stand up to fossil fuel billionaires and champion green jobs, strong communities, and a safe climate.”

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Heat Up 2018's Climate Hotspots

This November, climate justice is on the ballot: from ballot initiatives that could stop fracking in its tracks, to taxing corporate polluters to pay for clean energy infrastructure, to bold candidates ready for a Green New Deal that would put millions to work in good jobs building the just, renewable energy future we need. No matter where you live, you can make an impact in these critical climate hotspots by joining a remote volunteer team. Text, call, and mobilize the nation from your kitchen table!

Text out the Vote

Do You Have a Plan to Vote?

What's your voting plan? This November, you need to vote like the planet depends on it — do you know where you need to go to cast your ballot? Wherever and whenever you plan to vote, 350 Action can help you easily find your polling place from your phone. All you need to do is text us.

Text LOCATE to 83224

Get out the vote during The Last Weekend

This fall, we don’t just need your vote, we need your energy volunteering to get out the vote in your community. All across America, people are hitting the streets and the phones with The Last Weekend to elect progressive climate champs, flip the House, and fight for the people and the world we love. Whether you can commit one volunteer hour or every waking hour between now and November 6, there’s too much at stake to sit this election out.

Volunteer on the Last Weekend

2018's Climate Hotspots

Graphic of climate hotspots with candidate photos on a US map

From Washington to Nebraska to Florida, some of this year’s most important races are climate hotspots — where climate change is very much on the ballot. From opportunities to replace climate deniers with progressive leaders to ballot initiatives that would stop fracking in its tracks, no matter the story, these are the races to watch if you care about climate justice. Learn about these critical elections here — and volunteer to help them win.

This year's most important races for the climate

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“The fossil fuel industry has made billions by wrecking our climate, poisoning our neighborhoods, and trampling over sovereign Native Nations. I will use any platform I get to fight back, speak out, and vote against any and all new fossil fuel infrastructure.”

– Deb Haaland, candidate for Congress, New Mexico’s 1st District

It’s 2018, and it’s time for a bold shift. We can’t only play defense against Trump’s attacks on our communities and our climate — we need to act to secure the bold leadership we need to win the world that science and justice demand.

Get to work in 2018

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2 weeks left to win big for climate justice

In 14 days, we’ll have a chance to elect leaders who will fight for just climate action, turn the tide against Trump’s hateful agenda, put Congress in progressives’ hands, and pass historic climate legislation in states across the country.

We Deserve Better Than Kavanaugh

If Kavanaugh’s nomination goes forward, we won’t be able to depend on the federal courts to protect the rights of marginalized and vulnerable people. We will be looking at a Supreme Court that could spend generations rolling back social, economic, racial and environmental justice in support of corporate power. We deserve better.

Watch This: Why the 2018 elections matter

To stop climate change and win the fossil-free world we need, we need to take advantage of every tool we have. Right now, we can exert real leverage in this fight by campaigning for leaders who will champion the policies we need to make the urgent shift to a just, 100% renewable energy-powered economy.