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2 weeks left to win big for climate justice

In 14 days, we’ll have a chance to elect leaders who will fight for just climate action, turn the tide against Trump’s hateful agenda, put Congress in progressives’ hands, and pass historic climate legislation in states across the country.

We Deserve Better Than Kavanaugh

If Kavanaugh’s nomination goes forward, we won’t be able to depend on the federal courts to protect the rights of marginalized and vulnerable people. We will be looking at a Supreme Court that could spend generations rolling back social, economic, racial and environmental justice in support of corporate power. We deserve better.

Watch This: Why the 2018 elections matter

To stop climate change and win the fossil-free world we need, we need to take advantage of every tool we have. Right now, we can exert real leverage in this fight by campaigning for leaders who will champion the policies we need to make the urgent shift to a just, 100% renewable energy-powered economy.