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Recess? Resist

This month, let’s push our elected officials on climate in town halls and meetings

Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

On February 24th the Democratic Party will choose their new chair — and there is one candidate running who has been organizing the longest and the hardest for the bold stands needed to defeat Trump: Representative Keith Ellison.

Stop What You’re Doing and Get Out the Vote

This election, it’s not enough for climate activists to simply vote: we need to organize. If you haven’t phone banked, texted your friends, talked to your neighbors, or better yet, hit the ground to help get out the vote, then consider this your all-hands-on-deck alarm bell.

What We Need To Do To #StopTrump

We’re working to elect Hillary Clinton, not because she’s the climate champion we need, but because we know we can push her to keep fossil fuels in the ground.