By Jason Kowalski, Policy Director, 350 Action

Big news: 350 Action just endorsed Democrat Cathy Glasson for Governor of Iowa!

Cathy is a nurse, a labor movement leader, and a true progressive. She’s a champion for climate change solutions that create good, family-supporting jobs, and she supports bold action to stop dangerous and dirty fossil fuel pipelines and move us toward the 100% renewable energy-powered future that Iowa and the planet need.

Cathy Glasson for Governor of Iowa

This year, 350 Action is getting more involved in elections and supporting more candidates than we ever have in the past. It’s an experiment, but we know that if we’re going to win the just, fossil free world we need while we still have time to act, elections matter — and this year’s elections could be some of the most important of our lives.

And this year, Iowans have a chance to vote for a candidate who is ready to stand up to corporate polluters and work for climate justice.

By coming together to support climate progressives like Cathy, we can help fill the seats of power with people who are ready to fight for the world that science and justice demand — and send a clear message to elected leaders everywhere: the climate movement is a force to be reckoned with, in the streets and in voting booths across the country.

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