By Jason Kowalski, U.S. Policy Director, 350 Action &

Climate change is an enormous, unprecedented problem — not that you need anyone to tell you that. But the scale of the crisis we’re facing means that to defend our communities from catastrophe and build the just, thriving, fossil free world we deserve, we can’t just count on one plan or approach — we need to take advantage of every tool we have.

Right now, we can exert real leverage in this fight by campaigning for leaders who will champion the policies we need to make the urgent shift to a just, 100% renewable energy-powered economy.

And with this year’s midterm elections, we have a critical chance to transform the politics of climate change in the United States.

We just published a new video that talks about some of the bold, inspiring leaders 350 Action has endorsed this year — and why the climate movement can’t afford to sit this one out. Check it out here (or just scroll down to the bottom of this page).

Especially in such cynical political times, these candidates really are inspiring: like Kaniela Ing in Hawaii, a millennial dad whose community is on the front lines of sea level rise; Deb Haaland in New Mexico, who could be the first Native woman in Congress; or Kevin de León, who has championed some of California’s most visionary climate legislation.

Of course, every candidate, no matter how progressive, still needs to be held accountable once they’re in office. And electing better politicians isn’t the only way the climate movement is building power this year — all of us are still doing the important work of organizing locally, fighting fossil fuels, and marching in the streets all over the world.

2016 made it clear, in no uncertain terms: elections matter. And we can’t just wait for the next presidential election to make our voices heard — we need real climate leadership now.

And with “Blue Wave” momentum on our side and climate progressives running for office up and down the ballot and across the country, this is a golden opportunity for the climate movement. But changing our politics, just like cooling the climate, is going to take a lot of work from all of us. So are you in?

Watch and share this new video about how we can come together to change the politics of climate change — and then get ready to get to work in your community to make it happen.