By Devyn Powell, U.S. Digital Campaigner

Right now, the most destructive wildfires in California’s history are are ripping through communities across the state, devouring homes and claiming dozens of lives. In November. This is not normal.

We need solutions now — because the climate crisis is already here. That’s why more than 150 young people, led by our partners at the Sunrise Movement, showed up at Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington, DC yesterday with a clear message: it’s time for real climate leadership.

And with the impacts of this crisis so literally at our doorsteps, climate leadership is more than just admitting the reality of climate change. Real climate leadership means taking the bold action that science and justice demand.

Yesterday’s action, led by our friends at the youth-led Sunrise Movement, was powerful, beautiful, and huge. It gave me chills.

Most incredible of all: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib — two of the new Democratic Congresswomen we fought this year to elect — actually came and joined the action.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with Sunrise Movement activists demanding a Green New Deal from Nancy Pelosi

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined Sunrise Movement activists calling on Nancy Pelosi to support a Green New Deal

Climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue — but with the Republican Party controlled by Trump’s bigotry and fossil-fueled denial, we know it’s up to Democrats to step up for climate justice. Yesterday was an inspiring reminder that we already have elected leaders who are willing to fight for the bold climate solutions we need — now, we need the rest to follow their lead.

Real climate leadership means passing visionary policy solutions like a Green New Deal—a program to guarantee good-paying jobs to everyone who wants one helping to build the just, 100% renewable energy-powered economy we need.

Real climate leadership means standing up to big polluters and supporting a Green New Deal

Real climate leadership means standing up to big polluters and supporting a Green New Deal

It means breaking the stranglehold that Big Oil, Coal, and Gas have over our democracy by saying no to fossil fuel money, and making big polluters pay for their climate deception and inaction.

The science is clear, and the evidence is here. The climate crisis is turning California into a war zone, and we have no time to wait. The climate solutions we need are within our reach. All we need is political willpower to make them a reality.

Tell our new Congress: with the climate crisis devastating our communities in California and around the world, we need real climate leadership — not empty words.