April 17, 2019

Progressive Groups Push Democrats To Host Debate on Climate Change

“Climate change is the most urgent crisis facing our country, and it’s wreaking havoc on communities from Miami, Florida, to Lincoln, Nebraska, to Los Angeles, California. Scientists are telling us we have little more than ten years to act boldly if we want to prevent total disaster in vulnerable communities across the nation and the world, but politicians keep kicking the can down the road.

“We need to know that whoever is nominated to take on Trump in 2020 has what it takes to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and fight for bold solutions to the climate crisis. That’s why we need a full debate focused specifically on climate change, so an informed moderator can press candidates beyond platitudes, seek out specific details, and hold them accountable to what the science says is necessary. We urge the DNC to acknowledge the importance of this issue and its renewed political salience by devoting one of the presidential primary debates to climate change.”

The groups listed above and several others are collaborating on a joint petition urging the Democratic National Committee to “hold a 2020 presidential primary debate focused on climate action.”