GOTV Fellowship


In 2016, our fellowship provided 6 students and 3 team leads in New Hampshire, Colorado and Virginia to organize youth and students on state ballot initiatives and on elections that will keep fossil fuels in the ground and ensure a just transition to 100% renewable energy. With organizing grounded in justice and long-term movement building, 350 Action fellows organized actions, political education and skills-based trainings, and worked with partners on issue-based GOTV.

New Hampshire Field Team

350 Action New Hampshire Clinton
As presidential hopefuls toured important primary states like New Hampshire, the 350 Action New Hampshire Field Team organized creative actions to ask candidates tough question about their plans to meet the realities of climate science and the principles of a just transition.

Campaign to stop Keystone XL

350 Action plays a critical role in the campaign to stop Keystone XL. We’ve helped organize rapid-response actions across the country, supported actions in Washington DC to confront swing voters in Congress, and partnered to build a clean energy barn in the pipeline route in Nebraska. NoKXL landrieu 3

When pro-oil Democrats in the Senate attempted a last-minute desperate push to approve Keystone XL at the end of 2014, 350 Action jumped into action to confront Senators who claimed to believe in climate science, but supported a climate-wrecking pipeline all the same. We rallied in DC on their lawn, and confronted them in-district with grassroots actions.

Don’t Frack Ohio

Don't Frack Ohio 1 copyIn 2012, 350 Action partnered with grassroots Ohio anti-fracking groups to organize the largest anti-fracking rally in the state’s history. Focusing on Gov. John Kasich’s failure to regulate the oil and gas industry, over 1000 Ohioans marched through downtown Columbus and occupied the statehouse rotunda, holding a people’s assembly where they unanimously voted to ban fracking.

Romney Challenge

Romney Action 1As he ran for President in 2012, Mitt Romney ran away from the climate science and refused to take a stand on climate change, one of the defining issues of our time. 350 Action led a campaign to force him to take a stand, working with our partners in swing states and in his home state of Massachusetts.

Vote NoKXL

VoteNoKXL wrapup imageIn early 2013, 350 Action ran a successful campaign to help put Ed Markey in the US Senate. Markey is a longtime supporter of bold climate action — and unlike his opponent, had taken a clear stance against the Keystone XL pipeline. Seeing the clear choice for Massachusetts, we organized with students across the state, reaching thousands of youth voters and helping tip the election Markey’s way.

Climate Name Change

Climate Name Change 2In 2014, we released a video calling on the World Meteorological Organization to rename hurricanes — which are becoming more intense due to climate change — after climate deniers. The video went viral, racking up over 3 million views, and sparking a debate in the national media.

Lakota Vote

Lakota Vote ImageHeading into the 2014 midterms, 350 Action partnered with No KXL Dakota to help mobilize anti-Keystone XL voters in tribal communities to get to the polls in South Dakota. We worked with community leaders to use music and arts to reach youth voters and make sure the voices of NoKXL voters were heard at the polls.

Build Our Energy Barn

Bold Barn MemeIn 2013 we helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for Bold Nebraska to construct a clean energy barn directly in the route of the Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska. Powered by the sun and wind, the Build our Energy Barn stands as an icon of the alternatives to Keystone XL, and a powerful symbol literally in the way of pipeline construction.