The day before yesterday, Trump escalated our country towards war. Meanwhile he also wants to cut the EPA by over 30%, build dangerous pipelines and back the US out of all of its climate agreements. All of these decisions will lead to more loss of life — not only is Trump dangerous, he’s deadly.

This is where Congress comes in. They can serve as a critical counterpart to Trump’s agenda. This week, our Congressional representatives head back to their home states for April Recess, and we’ll have a chance to push them into action against Trump’s tyranny.

Showing up in the thousands at town halls and meetings and telling our elected officials they cannot afford to sit on the sidelines of this presidency has worked before. During the last recess, activists flooded meetings with messages against TrumpCare — and it got withdrawn.

We can win again this April Recess. Will you stand up and speak out? Here’s where you can find out about #ResistanceRecess actions happening near you in the next few weeks, and join up.

We’re partnering with and a broad set of progressive groups for Resistance Recess to show members of Congress they have a clear choice: Either they’re for protecting the people by supporting the just transition to a clean energy economy, or they’re abandoning our futures to fossil fuel billionaires. We need to know: Which side are they on?

We’ll push Congress to do everything in their power to protect our communities and climate — and if that doesn’t work, we’ll replace them. Together, we have that power. We’ve used it before and won, and we can do it again.

Will you flex your power with elected officials in a town hall or meeting in the next few weeks? Find out where and when actions are happening — and check out our handy toolkit for asking climate questions and using media to keep the pressure on during April Recess. Don’t forget to read the last page about how to get others at recess events to join us for the Peoples Climate March!  

This April we will put serious muscle behind our vision for a clean energy economy that works for all — starting with the Resistance Recess, and continuing with the Peoples Climate March on April 29, when tens of thousands of people will march together across the country calling for jobs, justice and a stable climate.

It will take all of us, but together we can change everything.