As the RNC comes to a close, the majority of the country watches in shock and horror. From plagiarism, fear mongering, and fact free speeches, the circus was a prime example of a Republican frenzy. Now, with Trump crowned as the official GOP nominee, what does that mean for the rest of us? You may think that since the presidential primaries are over, there’s not much else we can do. With state and local level elections revving up, however, our involvement as young people now is as crucial as ever.

It’s no secret that a Trump presidency would spell disaster for our climate and precious earth. What we need to focus on is connecting Republicans down the ballot with Trump and his unforgivable policies. They can no longer ignore the monster their own party created. Right here in NH, for example, 350 Action is tackling the senate race between Republican candidate, Kelly Ayotte, and Democrat candidate, Maggie Hassan.

Ayotte champions herself as an “environmentalist” Republican but has publicly stated her support for Trump. How, then, could someone claim to care for our environment while having ties to a blatant climate change denier? Though Ayotte has been completely ignoring our questions regarding her support of Trump, she can’t escape for long. We decided to take action into our own hands — and decided to have some fun with a photobomb. Her campaign is on high alert. As we escalate further throughout the election season, her moderate Republican reputation will soon diminish.


However, we can’t do it alone. We need every progressive soul out here fighting with us on the frontlines. With a collective group effort, we can and will put climate change at the forefront of issues for politicians. We can and will defeat Trump, Ayotte and all that stands in our way of climate justice. Right wingers are scared of our power, and they should be. They’re scared because they know we have the ability to make real change happen in the country starting right here in our own communities.

Join us, the youth climate movement, in the fight to secure a better world for us and future generations to come. We are the face of a revolution, and we will not back down.

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Athena Valkanos is a fellow at 350 Action, and is studying sociology and sustainability at the University of New Hampshire.