On Tuesday August 3, 350 Action presented Governor Scott Walker with a $900 million novelty check from the Koch Brothers at a Meet & Greet in Manchester, NH. We did this because Walker is the most dangerous candidate on climate change.

Giselle Hart introduced herself to Walker and asked if our colleague Elaine could take a photo. As we posed for the photo I turned over our “Walker 4 President” sign to reveal the novelty check on the back. At first Governor Walker did not notice that he was posing with a prop. When we broke from the photo I turned and tried to present him with the check. It seems he caught on though because he turned saying “I have to talk to voters now” and left.

We were able to talk to a few reporters after the photo before the owner of Theo’s Pizza, where the event was held, started yelling at us to leave, which we did.

Check out the video here!

We are trying to highlight the fact that David and Charles Koch plan to spend $900 million on this election and that Scott Walker might be their pick. The Koch brothers gave $8 million to Scott Walker to get him elected to the Wisconsin governorship. The brothers have a history of advocating for eliminating the minimum wage, pushing to resegregate schools in Wake County, North Carolina, not to mention funding Americans for Prosperity, a fake grassroots organization designed to combat the Affordable Care Act and push climate change denial. David and Charles Koch are two of the richest Americans and have a combined wealth of just over $86 billion and have used money to erode democracy in the United States for years.

It is certainly time to take back our democracy from people like Scott Walker who buy elections with the money from billionaires. If you interested in joining us with the next action, and I certainly hope you are, contact us at nhfellows@350.org
Scott Walker 2Credit:Sabrina Siddiqui