The Democratic Party just released the strongest climate platform in history, marking the end of their disastrous “all of the above” approach to energy policy.

But we’ve still got a lot of work to do. We can’t ignore the need for even more ambitious action, and we can’t ignore the folks in the Republican party who are doubling down on both climate denial and dirty money from fossil fuel companies. (Recent actions by some members of Congress to intimidate organizations holding Exxon accountable for its climate lies show just how readily fossil fuel money translates into climate denial.)

We also can’t ignore Donald Trump, and the racist, reactionary movement he has inspired. If elected, Trump would be the only national leader in the world to dismiss the science of climate change, and his campaign is built on a foundation of racist, violent language.

If we want to see climate justice served, we need to stop the rising wave of Trump-inspired hatred, and build stronger bonds between the movements standing against it.

On Thursday, July 21 — the last day of the Republican National Convention — communities across the country will hold peaceful protests to call out Trump-inspired hate. We’re teaming up with a coalition of progressive organizations to find local leaders to organize protests and make sure our message is heard everywhere.

We’ll continue to push the Democrats toward a ban on fracking, a rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and a commitment to end extraction of fossil fuels on all public lands. But with the Republican National Convention starting in just a few days, the time has come to take a stand against the party of Trump.

We know that climate justice is inextricably tied to the fights against racism, intolerance, and inequality. That’s is why we are joining with allies across our connected movements to take a stand against Donald Trump’s perverse campaign. On Thursday, July 21, Americans all over the country will stand together against Trump and the hate he represents.

Will you join? Click here to find a protest in your community.

So long as candidates like Donald Trump can gather support through racism and intolerance, our vision for climate justice will be in jeopardy. This day of action is a stepping stone toward a more tolerant, just, sustainable future for all.


Masada and the rest of the 350 Action team